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Electronics Service

Rajesh Engineering has formed a number of associates and stategic partners with selected business to offer specialized electronic services like design & development of electronic systems, product development from concept to prototype, firmware and software development for customer specific applications in PCB and embedded design area. This enables us to offer our customers end-to-end electronic services while reducing costs and maintaining the highest level of quality.

Electronic Engineering & Design Services

Rajesh Engineering offers turnkey product design services for military, commercial and consumer applications. We specialize in following design services.

  • High speed multi layer PCB Designs

  • RF Circuit Design

  • Analog and Digital Circuits.

  • DSP and FPGA Designs.

  • Firmware Development.

  • Software development.

PCB Fabrication & Assembly

REW is a quality supplier of all types of Printed Circuit Boards and PCB services. Our areas of expertise include the supply of Multi layer ( up to 24 layer ) Double sided and Single sided PCBs. We also offer Automated Subcontract PCB Assembly , both Surface Mount and through hole, and supply etched Solder Paste Stencils for use in Surface mount build.

Prototype & Rapid Turn-Around PCB Assembly

Given our capability in product innovation and development, we have the ability to offer prototype and rapid turn around PCB assembly for surface mount, mixed technology and conventional PCB assemblies.

BGA & Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Our surface mount PCB assembly capabilities include BGA, uBGA and flip chip assembly. Automated assembly processes are utilised throughout all stages of the manufacturing cycle to ensure consistent, sustained quality coupled with optimum manufacturing costs.

Mixed Technology & Through-Hole PCB Assembly

We have full capability for assembling both Through-Hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies and can also offer a number of peripheral services such as conformal coating and potting etc. In addition, we can also undertake device programming and the configuration of PCB assemblies prior to system integration or despatch.

Testing and Validation

We undertake testing and validation services to help system developers reduce their risk of errors while making critical decisions. The likelihood of failures and the consequences of failures can be minimized and a higher level of confidence can be built in to the products by performing T&V.  We help our customers by detecting risks and deficiencies in their product designs at an early stage resulting in cost savings and accurate designs.

REW employs the following Test activities:

Visual Inspection coupled with an automated optical inspection (AOI) process as part of a products manufacturing routing.

Fixtureless, Flying Probe Automated Testing is utilised for most of our PCB assembly activities. This enables us to bring together both AOI and flying probe test to ensure any manufacturing problems are identified at source and corrected prior to product integration or release to a customer.

Because fixtureless testing is employed, this removes the need for expensive bespoke test fixturing to be produced for every PCB assembly, and ensures retooling costs are minimised when product designs change.

Bespoke Functional Test Fixtures can be designed and manufactured for both PCB assembly and product testing. This enables testing of bespoke products, and enables configuration of products to end-user requirements.